The Conference

About the Event

Euro Games Technology

June 19, 2008


What is the focus of this conference?

The conference will only cover topics related to the C++ language. We have assembled an interesting schedule of sessions, including lectures about novelties, best practices and interesting discussions about the capabilities of C++ programming. See more details on the sessions page.

Why are you organizing it?

Our aim is to help creating a vital and strong C++ community among the Bulgarian IT professionals. This conference will be a good start in that direction.

Where will the conference be held?

In the town of Velingrad, in SPA hotel “Bor”. More information abound the venue can be found on the respective page.

Who can attend the lectures?

This conference is a step towards creating a strong C++ community. The organizers will take care of all acknowledged senior C++ developers so they will attend this event absolutely for free. Anyone else is also invited to the lectures, but will have to cover their own expenses for accomodation, travel and meals. Registration for the event is mandatory for everyone. More information about this topic can be found at the registration page.

How does one travel to Velingrad?

You can go to Velingrad by car, using the directions at the venue page. There are also regular buses and a train line going to Velingrad. If you don’t have the possibility to use those, we will arrange some kind of transport for guests with VIP pass. Upon registration, you will be contacted and given instructions.

What kind of accomodation is provided in Velingrad?

For all attendants with a VIP pass, accomodation is provided in the SPA hotel “Bor”, where the conference will be held. This includes a room for the night of 27th June and free acess to all facilities usually at the disposal of the hotel guests like SPA recreation, sporting rooms, Internet, bars, pools, etc.

All guests with a conference free pass only should find an acoomodation of their own. Good places to start looking are:

Since it’s a popular touristic destination, Velingrad offers a lot of accomodation possibilites.

I’d like to be a speaker at the conference. Whom should I contact?

Unfortunately, this conference’s schedule is already firmly defined. However, in cooperation with the Bulgarian C++ User Group, we plan to conduct more such events in the future, so be welcome to contact us with your suggestions for lectures you would like to lead.

What about the speakers of the scheduled lectures? Why are you choosing them?

All speakers at the First Bulgarian C++ Conference are acknowledged professionals and have been working in the IT field for a significant time, while also having a good lecturing background. More information about them can be found at the speakers page.

Will there be any events beside the scheduled lectures?

Yes. The second day of the conference will likely offer several other events on a less professional basis. We’d like to encourage communication between our guests so improvised discussions are welcome. This conference is all about sharing our experience.

I’m a press reporter and I am interested in visiting this event.

If you’d like to cover the conference in press, please contact us personally.