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May 25, 2008

Welcome to the Official Web Site of the First Bulgarian C++ Conference

First Bulgarian C++ Conference

The First Bulgarian C++ Conference will be held on 27-28 June 2008 in SPA Club “BOR” in Velingrad. It will serve as an official launch of the Bulgarian C++ Users Group. The conference is organized by the National Academy for Software Development (NASD) and is intended to present the new trends in the C++ language, platform and related technologies.

Free Attendance

The conference pass (including lectures, meals, accomodation, entertainments, etc.) is free for all senior C++ developers, who work as C++ software engineers as their primary job in the last 3-4 years and have at least 5 years of experience in the IT industry. All others can attend the conference lectures for free but should cover their accomodation and meals themselves. The lecture hall will be opened for all registered visitors. See our registration page for more details.

Conference Program

The conference program is focused on the hot topics for the C++ development tehnologies: the new C++ standard C++0x, the “concepts” in the new C++ as extenstion of templates, the new Boost library, techniques for effective C++ programming and memory management, techniques for optimizing C++ performance, game development in C++ and DirectX, the weak points of C++, as well as some methodologies for C++ engineering like model-driven development. See our sessions page for more details.


The speakers are distinguished C++ professionals working for many years in the software industry, with solid experience as software engineers and lecturers. Visit the speakers page for more information.