The Conference

About the Event

Euro Games Technology

May 25, 2008


The First Bulgarian C++ Conference is organized by the National Academy for Software Development (NASD) as launch event for the Bulgarian C++ User Group.

It will be held on 27-28 June 2008 in SPA Club “BOR” in Velingrad. Learn more about the hotel at the venue page.

The conference is intended to present the new trends in the C++ software engineering and to support the growing C++ development community in Bulgaria. Distinguished speakers will present hot topics like the new C++ standard called “C++0x”, C++ concepts as extenstion of templates, the new Boost library, techniques for effective C++ programming and memory management, techniques for optimizing C++ performance, game development in C++ and DirectX, the weak points of C++, as well as some methodologies for C++ engineering like model-driven development. For more information see the conference program.

Attending conference is free for senior C++ developers and registered visitors. To learn more visit our registration section.